Resolutions 2020

Starting today, January 1, 2020, I resolve to do the following for the remainder of the year:

10 weeks of 20 Rep Squats, January to March
Kettlebell LCCJ, 16 and 24kg, 5 days/week
Single daily high volume Jumpsquat set

After 20 Rep Squat cycle:
Kettlebell LCCJ, 16 and 24kg, 5 days/week
Single Daily high volume Jumpsquat set
Heavy 5×5 Deadlift progression once/week

Carnivore diet, with supplementation, to satiation during 20 Rep Squats
Carnivore diet, with supplementation: eat five days, fast two days after. Experimental.

One 7-10 day fast per quarter: March, June, September, December

Meditate for one hour daily, every day
Write and publish a daily meditation journal

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