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Jumpsquats Upgrade to 35 Per Set

After four weeks of two sets of 30 jump squats per day I increase the number of repetitions per set to 35 on my way to 50.

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Why Ketogenesis and Intermittent Fasting?

In July of last year I gave myself a concussion. It didn’t seem bad in the moment it happened but within hours I was starting to experience confusion and upset. Within days I was having trouble thinking cogently. Within weeks … Continue reading

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Jump Squat Set Number One

I have been doing jump squats on and off for three years. They have changed my entire body. They will be the core of my diet and exercise program for this year, with the goal to be doing between two … Continue reading

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New Year’s Resolution 2018

Welcome to the blog. Starting today, January 1, 2018, I resolve the following: To spend the year alcohol, sugar, and dairy free. To eat on a 20/4 hour Intermittent Fasting/Feasting cycle. To do my 9th four month long experimental diet: … Continue reading

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