Fasting Results on a Fully Carnivore, Zero Plant Diet

I haven’t posted pictures for nine months because my body has not visually changed. After six months of a hard ketogenic diet beginning January 1, 2018 I switched to a fully carnivore, zero plant diet on July 1st. By January 2019 my body had found its fat/lean set point.

I maintain about 12% bodyfat when eating an unrestricted all-meat diet. By following my hunger signals – I eat when hungry and stop when full – I consume 3000-4000 calories a day, usually taken over three meals – with supper being the largest.

In January of 2019 I began to incorporate water fasts into the program to drive detoxification and renewal of my body’s metabolic mechanisms after decades of abuse. In January, February, and March I did a three day water-only fast each month. In April and June I did a five day fast. I just completed the first seven day fast and am posting the visual results below.

The jury remains out on what the fasts are doing. Each one has been different.

On January first I weighed 175 pounds. The day before the seven day fast I weighed 175 pounds. The body dumps weight during the fast then restores itself through careful re-feeds in the weeks after.

I have two more fasts remaining this year – a seven day in October then either a seven or ten day in December. After that I will re-evaluate and decide how to proceed next year.

If you click on the image it will enlarge. The differences are subtle but noticeable. All four images are from the same seven day period, one clothed and one unclothed. I often speak of the roll of extra skin I maintain from the years I was overfat. It’s visible in the clothed pictures but re-distributes itself in the unclothed images.

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