Four Months of Ketogenic Eating Complete

Phase one has ended. I’ve successfully gone four months fully ketogenic.

I have lost 17 pounds on the scale but my body looks completely different. I suspect I’ve lost 25 pounds of fat and put on 5 pounds of muscle from doing nothing but jumpsquats, eating properly, and providing daily adequate protein to allow growth.

I’ve never suffered as much on a diet program as I did on this regimen with the exception of the 100 pound weight loss experience in 2002. I don’t think there was a day from January 1 through mid-October of that year that I was not in real and often intense discomfort. This program was similar although the sources and nature of the suffering changed in phases from start to finish.

I still believe the protocol is healing my body, not harming it, but I do not yet know that is true. I’m proceeding through uncertainty while watching carefully.

Today I begin to return carbohydrate to my body for two months before going fully ketogenic again for four months on July 1st.

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