Resolutions 2019

Starting today, January 1, 2019, I resolve the following:

To do a series of 8 pulsed water only fasts over the course of the year. Three three day fasts, two five day fasts, two seven day fasts, one ten day fast.

To follow the fasts with a two week period of high-density, high-nutrient re-feeds.

To make every bite of food that passes my lips the result of a conscious choice about what to eat.

To begin the year continuing to remain plant free while watching the results I get and modifying if necessary.

To remain dairy free.

To enjoy alcohol sparingly.

To enjoy off-diet foods occasionally in situations in which they are warranted.

To do one to five sets of daily jumpsquats, two to four weekly kettlebell and pullup workouts, and one heavy lifting in the session in the gym per week.

January – 3 day fast
February – 3 day fast
March – 3 day fast
April – 5 day fast
June – 5 day fast
August – 7 day fast
October – 7 day fast
December – 10 day fast

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